About the Speciality

Endocrinology department at Neyyar Medicity offers treatment and care for all endocrine conditions and complex diseases that affect the Endocrine glands of the body. Our Endocrinology department is well equipped to deal with all hormone-related disorders like:

  • Diabetes (Type I DM, Type 2 DM, GDM etc) and its newer treatment, complication screening, dietary consultation and long term follow up
  • All thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodule and cancers)
  • Obesity and other lifestyle diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol levels etc.
  • Osteoporosis and Other Metabolic Bone diseases
  • PCOS and hirsutism
  • Male infertility, sexual dysfunction and Gynecomastia
  • All Paediatric endocrine disorders like short stature, pubertal disorders etc.
  • Adrenal and pituitary disorders
  • Disorders associated with calcium metabolism and sodium balance

Endocrinology department is well integrated with the other medical departments at the hospital, ensuring that you have the best treatment and outcomes possible. We provide standard diagnostic tests at the hospital itself. We also have a dedicated inpatient ward where we look after our most complex cases.

Our Services

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Ambulatory Glucose profile for improving sugar control
  • Growth Hormone stimulation test and Growth hormone therapy
  • Fine Needle Aspiration for thyroid nodules
  • Water deprivation test for polyuria evaluation
  • Prolonged fasting test for hypoglycaemic disorders
  • ACTH stimulation tests
Endocrinology & Diabetology
Our Doctors of Endocrinology & Diabetology